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Ryan Steensma Avatar
Ryan Steensma
Created by ryansteensma1 on Apr, 18 2021 with 1 Members

Website: Ryan Steensma is a veteran with over 20 years of experience in the Marine Corps. One of his most memorable experiences was at the beginning of his career when he trained for the Initial Fitness Test. Preparing for the Marine Initial Fitness Test can be a challenging and strenuous task. According to Ryan Emerson Steensma, it is important to dedicate as much time training as possible for this test because it is only administered every six months. The test requires you to be both mentally and physically fit. During the test you are required to perform tasks such as pull-ups, push-ups, cardio, planks, and crunches in a certain amount of time. Ryan Emerson Steensma has many helpful tips and tricks when preparing for this intense test that help determines the rest of you career. #Military #Ryan Steensma

Customized Anti-dust Mask Avatar
Customized Anti-dust Mask
Created by sin38bmsin38bm on Mar, 5 2021 with 1 Members

Our History Hunan EEXI Science and Technology Service Co., Ltd., transformed from the largest manufacturer of maternal and child products in Hunan Province. During the outbreak of novel coronavirus in 2020, in response to the call of the Chinese government, with the support of the local government, all 140000 square meters of production area was converted into a mask production line. Our Factory Hunan Eexi Technology&Service Co., Ltd. is located in Liuyang City, Hunan Province, the "Hometown of Fireworks", the company was incorporated in 2018 with a registered capital of RMB 10 million. Which is a professional manufacturer of labor protection supplies industry, specializing in the production of three-layer non-woven masks, dust masks, disposable activated carbon masks, cup-shaped dust masks, cup-shaped valve activated carbon masks, two-layer non-woven fabrics Masks. Our Product Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the company has provided more than 10 billion masks to the local government around the world. The main products include disposable medical masks, disposable surgical masks, disposable comfort masks, folding KN95, YX009-FFP2, YX135-FFP2 and so on. Product Application According to different scenes, the products of our company have remarkable effects in dustproof, anti-haze, anti-virus, anti-lampblack and so on. Our Certificate CE, TUV, TGA, SUQ, CNAS, BSCI, ISO,keep adding. Production Equipment Flat mask machine, 160 sets. 3D mask machine, 150 sets,keep adding. Production Market According to the company's shipping statistics. In April 2020, EEXI factory provided 600 million pieces of flat disposable masks and 80 million pieces of 3D masks in the domestic market. In May 2020, the EEXI factory provided 900 million pieces of flat disposable masks and 190 million pieces of 3D masks in the domestic market. Provide 300 million flat masks and 60 million 3D masks in Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and Australia. In June 2020, the EEXI factory provided 1.1 billion pieces of flat disposable masks and 220 million pieces of 3D masks for the domestic market. Provide 700 million pieces of flat masks and 130 million pieces of 3D masks in Europe, Southeast Asia, South America and Australia. Statistics show that since the EEXI plant was converted to production, it has transported nearly 4 billion masks to all parts of the world. What amazing production capacity! Our Service Before sale: 1. The customer makes an inquiry request, and the salesperson completes the information collection. 2. Respond to customer requirements. On sale: 1. Both parties confirm the terms of supply and demand. 2. Sign a contract After-sales, in view of the particularity of anti-epidemic materials, there are very few After-sales: After-sales events. Every box of our company's product is printed on the packaging +4000-333-088 contact hotline.Customized Anti-dust Mask website: website2:

Wholesale Long Range Battery Electric Bike Avatar
Wholesale Long Range Battery Electric Bike
Created by sin38bmsin38bm on Mar, 5 2021 with 1 Members

Our History We, Suzhou Midu Electric Technology Co., Ltd, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Shanghai Weiyi Industrial company. Our Factory We are a technology company that integrates design and manufacturing of intelligent electric vehicles. Our Product We are specialized in R&D and export business of electric city bike, electric mountain bike, electric motorcycle, electric scooter, single-wheel electric scooter, self balance electric scooter, electric skip scooter and accessories Product Application Our products are your perfect companion for all kinds of trips: a casual stroll around the park, commuting to work, cargoes delivery or a long-distance visit across town! It the perfect equipment to have home and bring with you anywhere! Production Market We have exported our products to many countries and regions around the world, especially America and Europe. Our products enjoy a good reputation among our customers. Our Service Our professional sales team will help you to fully know about the product and choose the most suitable product for customers. You will know the whole production process and delivery of the order in real time. We provide a one-year quality guarantee for the main components of the product which you can avoid your worries. We welcome customers, business associations and friends from all parts of the world to contact us and seek cooperation for mutual benefits.Wholesale Long Range Battery Electric Bike website:

low price Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Avatar
low price Hand Sanitizer Alcohol
Created by sin38bmsin38bm on Mar, 5 2021 with 1 Members

Brand: Meco Accept custom: YES Product Name: Disposable Hand Sanitizer Specification: 30ml Packaging: (According to customer requirements) 200 bottles / carton Properties: liquid Place of origin: Zhejiang, China Expiration date: 24 months Efficacy: Disposable hand sanitizer can be applied to hospitals, banks, supermarkets, government agencies, theaters, troops, entertainment venues, schools, kindergartens, families, hotels, restaurants, airports, terminals, Waterless hands-free washing in train station and tourist environment without water and soap Instructions: 1. Take 3-5ML of disposable hand sanitizer into the palm of your hand. 2. Rub your palm against your palm. 3. Fingers are interlaced, palms rub against fingers. 4. Fingers are interlaced, palm to palm. 5. Hold your hands together and rub your fingers together. 6. Rub your thumb in your palm 7. Rub your fingertips in your palm 8. The left hand rotates from the right wrist forearm to the elbowlow price Hand Sanitizer Alcohol website:

N95 Mask Respirator in stock Avatar
N95 Mask Respirator in stock
Created by sin38bmsin38bm on Mar, 5 2021 with 1 Members

鈻?Our History Huizhou medical bios technology co.,ltd is also committed to supply custom-made (specialized) products, where we feel machine-made products wouldn't satisfy our customers. As the technological advance continues to improve in the healthcare industry, Huizhou medical bios technology co.,ltd also committed to continually upgrade, modify, design and products that are hygiene, fiber glass-free and up to clean room products as part of ISO 14001, we are also committed to use products that are safe, comfortable for health professionals and also safe to the environment. Huizhou medical bios technology co.,ltd is the noted Exporter of all types disposable facemask in the global market. We have successfully touched the summit in the market and have gained a huge clientele with our qualitative product range. Our products and designed to give maximum protection for the wearers and made from carefully selected fabrics. Since its inception, We have shown significant growth both in acquiring automated production machinery, production facilities and also distribution networks across the country and beyond. We have every reason to be very satisfied with the results that have been achieved. Our strategic advice, coupled with prudent risk management, has helped them to perform to their revenue budget and beyond. Our mission could be wrapped up in three words Quality, Comfort and Economy. Therefore, you can call up on Huizhou medical bios technology co.,ltd for Quality, Comfort and Economy in protective healthcare industry. We are fully committed to combine our people's knowledge, potential, advance production technologies and effective management under ISO 9001 standards to supply products with international standard. We are committed to closely cooperate with our supplies and customer to reach mutually beneficial goals. All our products are manufactured as per buyers specifications - Private Label requirements, to meet import Country requirements for size, ruling format, language, packing, display needs and above all budget. Mission Statement Goals: Our goal is to add Vitality to your life and provide quality medical and health supplies to our customers at a competitive price. We add value by providing product buying resources, trained product specialists, and live customer support. Vision: Our vision is to be a leader in the distribution of health and medical supply products and meet our customers鈥?needs throughout all stages of their life. Values: Always improve Make a positive difference Openness and transparency Hire and help our employees to be the best Care about the vitality and success of every person 鈻?Our Factory Our factory located in Huizhou City which is famous for non woven industry in China. Established in 1993 with over 25 years鈥檅y name of Nanxian Non-woven which experience in producing disposable non woven products. 2 factories are about 10000 square meters. 鈻?Our Product Surgical Face Mask銆丮edical Mask銆?KN95 respirators, N95 Respirator Mask 鈻?Product Application 1. Medical protective masks are suitable for medical staff and related staff to protect against airborne respiratory infectious diseases with a high level of protection. 2. Medical surgical masks are suitable for the basic protection of medical personnel or related personnel, as well as protection against the spread of blood, body fluids and spatter during invasive operation; 3. The protective effect of ordinary disposable medical mask on pathogenic microorganisms is not exact, so it can be used for disposable health care in ordinary environment, or the barrier or protection of particles other than pathogenic microorganisms such as pollen. 鈻?Our Certificate Certification: KN95 鈥?GB2626-2006 standard in China CE / FFP2 鈥?DIN EN 149:2001 and A1:2009 in Europe FDA registered 鈻?Production Equipment Production Capacity: 1000,000 pcs KN95 respirator mask per day, 30 million per month by combining different qualified sources capacity together 鈻?Production Market What We Can Do: Currently, we focus on KN95 FFP2 mask production with a normal grade as well as surgical. Our main market is China mainland, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea, and the United States. The main pad of the mask produced by an automatic manufacturing line, stable quality with high efficiency. 鈻?Our Service How to wear kN95? 1. The nose clip part of mask is facing up, the side without nose clip is facing the face, and the earstraps are pulled on each hand; 2. Face the mask against the chin firstly, and pull the earband back to the ear and hang it on the ear until it feels confortable; 3. Place the fingers of both hands in the middle of the nose clip and press inwardly according to the shape of the mask鈥檚 nose bridge to conform to the shape of the nose bridge; 4. Put your hands on your face when using, and check the tightness with your face.N95 Mask Respirator in stock website:

granulation urea screener price Avatar
granulation urea screener price
Created by sin38bmsin38bm on Mar, 5 2021 with 1 Members

Mega Young Screening Technology Co.,Ltd start the manufacturing and designing the screening equipment and conveying equipment from 2004, our screening equipment and conveying equipment has been used in mineral industry application, chemical industry application, agriculture industry application , food industry and medicine industry etc successfully after many years. Refer to customers鈥?feedback and situation happened about our equipment at application site, we summarize and study the feedback information and research new solution continuously, then we get one professional technical team with plenty of experience about our screener and conveyor. We are willing to share our studying achievement and supply you more and more screening solution and conveying solution with proven technology. Mega Young Screening Technology is specialized in designing, researching and developing gyratory sifter and other vibrating screening equipment . Along with the amount of gyratory sifter applied in our customers' industry increasing, and in order to service our customer better, we pay our most attention on the manufacturing and designing the gyratory sifter and similar sifting&separation equipment for our customer, our gyratory screener and other screening equipments has been used in mineral industry application, chemical industry application, agriculture industry application, food industry application, medicine industry and other industries successfully after many years, In recent years, we develop and produce one new model sifting equipment that we call it side doors access gyratory sifter equipment, this new model gyratory separation equipment solve the problem of traditional gyratory screening equipment which is not easy to change mesh and cleaning mesh during operation, the customer reduce the sifting equipment down time and take most use of their production line, so it will bring much more finished production to customer, we are not only professional on the material pricision screening and separation, we are also do some screening equipment for large bulk material screening , such as stone, coal, iron raw material, so we could supply the full sifting&separation equipment line solution for customer from primary sifter to final sifter equipment. Our Certificate Our Service 1.Material Testing Screening Mega Young set up some sample screener only for material testing screening. In order to select one proper model screener, the engineer should know consider many factors such as feed rate, vibrating speed of the machine, screen mesh size, capacity, accuracy of separation, and the countless sizes and shapes of material. The customer could post us some bulk material for testing screening if they do not know the material features. With sample screener testing screening, Mega Young could get some key data of the material for capacity calculation. 2.Designing Screener Base On Customer's Request As we know, the customer have specific request on the screener equipment refer to many factors such as the upstream equipments, downstream equipments and the installation room etc. They need consider the shape, dimension, position of the inlet and out for connecting the upstream equipments, downstream equipments well, need consider the dimension (length, height, width) of the screener for making sure the screener could be set up into the installation room, they need consider the structure material, the color, the mesh material etc. Do not worry, our engineer and designer could solve the problem, they could design the screener base on your specific request. 3.Installation Guide Our installation Manual will be together with the equipment when delivery. The installation Manual include the Notice item, Installation Guide, major components drawing, etc, the customer could finish the installation base on the Manual. Our company also could offer paid service of installation guide at site if necessary. 4.Equipment Installation At Site Mega Young could offer the paid service of equipment installation at site if necessary. 5.Surveying and drawing at site Mega Young could sent designer to site for surveying and drawing the installation room and situation before designing the equipment.granulation urea screener price website:

Hose Reel Combination price Avatar
Hose Reel Combination price
Created by sin38bmsin38bm on Mar, 5 2021 with 1 Members

Product Introduction 鉁?銆怘ose Pipe Holder銆?Keep your garden hose clean by storing it on our metal hose holder for easy access and confusion-free hose storage. 鉁?銆怢ight, compact銆?This garden hose reel is an excellent gardening aid. Hand closing tube, saves time and effort, folds the handle when not in use, lighter and more compact hose with integrated handle, easy to carry. 鉁?銆怢eak-proof design銆?Standard nipple plugs, longer life, not easy to leak. 鉁?銆怘ose stabilization銆?The structure of the water tube drum is stable, robust, rust and corrosion resistant. This garden hose reel is an excellent gardening aid. 鉁?銆怑asy to use銆?Convenient and easy way to unplug the water pipe after use and rewind it for storage. The mini size is easy to use for gardening and cleaning around the house. Product Parameter(specification) MATERIALPP+aliminium Tube CAPACITY20m(1/2鈥? 15m(5/8鈥? FITTING3/4鈥?/p> PACKAGEColor box/pcs3/8鈥?/p> 16PCS/CTN PACKING SIZE54.5x50x60CM G.W/N.W18.2/17kgs Production Details Product descriptions Inferior hose reel car is worse than not used No hose reel trolley is used, but the water line is difficult to sort through. Using the wrong hose reel is more difficult! Traditional hose reel trolleys are made from recycled materials and simple processes. There have always been a lot of issues like water leakage, inflexible waves, instant falling apart and easy falling. Long fear of metal rust? Not all watercraft are of such inferior quality. Our water pipe brackets are made of a high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is stable, hard and not easy to rust. Here we can guarantee that the quality is absolutely outstanding. The hose reel is an ideal support for small to medium-sized gardens. The free-running crank makes operating the hose reel easy. Characteristic: * Easy to store, just roll up the hose to keep the dirty hose clean and tidy. * Hand operated handle and movable wheels make the garden easy to water. * Lightweight design, convenient to carry. * Equipped with a hand crank that allows you to easily organize the space-saving hose. * Suitable for all hose types, can be used in the house, garden, street, greenhouse. Product Images Our Service Company ProfileHose Reel Combination price website:

Disposable Face Mask manufacturers Avatar
Disposable Face Mask manufacturers
Created by sin38bmsin38bm on Mar, 5 2021 with 1 Members

Our History Jiangxi Meipin Medical Technology Co.,Ltd, established in 2020. As a sub-brand of Jiangxi Pinxin Technology Co., Ltd, Jiangxi Meipin is a professional team specializing in the production, R&D and sales of FPP2 disposable KN95 Respirator. Our Factory Meipin has an experienced R&D department and a high efficient sales and service team. And 100,000 square meters of industrial park with 5 production lines. Our Product KN95 Particulate Respirator Product Application Daily Outdoor Activities, Mining Industry, Some Awful Weather (Like Sandstorm, Smog ect. ), Food Processing Lines And Some Other Certain Industry And Public Places Our Certificate CE FDA SGS Certificate, CE-EN149 Standard, GB2626 Test Report. Production Market The products are not only sold to major cities in China, but also exported to Europe and Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, America, and other regions. Our Service MeiPin has an experienced R&D department and 20 Professional sales and 10 service technician people Welcome to visit our office and factory. Office Address: Room 901-902-903, Building G2, Xinghe World Ban'tian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province. Factory Address: Yangjiahu District(South Of Xiangxing Avenue), Industrial Park, Gao'an County, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province.Disposable Face Mask manufacturers website:

Plane Mask Avatar
Plane Mask
Created by sin38bmsin38bm on Mar, 5 2021 with 1 Members

1. Comfortable fitting and breathing 2. Non-Sterilized Products Description Ordinary mask color is blue, The mask consists of a surface layer, a filter layer, an inner layer, a nose clip, and an ear tape. The surface layer: filters large particles and protects the filter layer material and has a good water repellent function, filter layer: electrostatic melt-blown material determines particle filtration effect, strong electrostatic treatment filter cloth, filter bacteria, inner layer: contact with skin layer and protective filter layer material, quality determines wearing comfort, nose clip: plastic nose clip ,adjust which can avoid product voids, reduce the entry of harmful substances, ear tape: flat ear tape, lower pressure, large precision welding, easy to take off. suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons. Exquisite seamless edging which is soft and delicate, strong and beautiful by using different raw materials and crafts, allow you to breathe healthful and give you better protection matertal: 100% pp quality in accordance with the FDA registered. Quick Details Type:Disposable facemask, Earloop Face Mask Applicable People: Adult Standard: GT/T32610-2016 Place of Origin: Ningbo, China Brand Name: SUNQI Size:17.5*7.5cm Stock:Yes Shelf Life: 2 years Quality Certification: CE ISO FDA etc Safety standard: GT/T32610-2016 Material: non-woven fabric, melt-blown fabric, non-woven fabric, Product name: Mask Earloop Color: Blue Keyword: 3 Layer FaceMask MOQ: 10000pcs Layer: 3 Plys Place of origin: China Packing: Bag and Carton FAQ Q: Are you a factory or trading company? A: We have our own factory where located in Ningbo,Zhejiang province. Q: What are your terms of payment, How can we pay you? A: We can accept the TT payment way. Q: Do you accept small order? A: Yes, we do. If your order is small than our MOQ, we can arrange special for you.Plane Mask website:

Percussion Massager Gun Mini factory Avatar
Percussion Massager Gun Mini factory
Created by sin38bmsin38bm on Mar, 5 2021 with 1 Members

Our History Founded in2017, our company is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Relying on the support of domestic and foreign research institutions and partners, our company has developed a series of professional fascia gun products. Our Factory Shenzhen vemake Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of leisure fitness products in China. Shenzhen vemake Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development of sports fitness and health products. The products have covered Asia, Europe, America, the Middle East and other countries and regions. The company always adheres to the tenet of "high quality, super performance, best service, and sincere cooperation". It is this goal that helps us maintain the excellent level of the industry. Our Product Propro series, A series, Mini series Product Application The massage gun is an innovation that promotes relaxation. The product has different massage heads that can promote medical care by maintaining blood flow and promote recovery after strenuous work (whether in the gym or the office).The professional massage gun can perfectly eliminate muscle nodules and muscle recovery after exercise, effectively increase the range of motion, and use the pulse movement deep into the muscle to eliminate pain and pain Our Certificate CE FCC FDA EMC SAA RoHS CB GS Production Equipment Automatic Motor Winding Machine. Laser Marking Machine.SMT workshop. Brand Story In 2017, the company colleagues participated in the international marathon together, and when everyone went to work the next day, they felt sore muscles. At this time, a fitness expert in the company brought the massage gun he used after fitness to relieve muscle soreness. But there is only one massage gun. Everyone rushed to use it in turn. The company found a business opportunity. Through market research and comparison, in order to strive for a better sense of use and design, it began to independently develop a more professional and high-quality massage gun and founded it. The factory is put into production, and the product quality is strictly controlled. Finally, it was named after 鈥榲emake鈥? The original intention of the brand With the demand for massage guns in modern times, vemake adheres to the concept of popularizing sports relaxation, to help people enjoy sports better and establishes the brand. We focus on product quality and customer experience, which is the most important aspect of brand development. We firmly believe that after the market's screening, we can maintain the industry leader.Percussion Massager Gun Mini factory website:

New Design Glass Panel Room Heater for sale Avatar
New Design Glass Panel Room Heater for sale
Created by sin38bm on Mar, 5 2021 with 1 Members

Technical cooperation between Germany debeid International Group Co., Ltd. and Jinan Longao thermal equipment Co., Ltd.锛孌ebeid wall hanging furnace adopts the mature wall hanging furnace manufacturing technology in Europe for more than 60 years锛宨n order to build the market share of the wall mounted furnace in China, establishment of production base of Debeid gas wall mounted furnace in Zhuzhuang Industrial Park, Jinan, The company covers an area of 5300 square meters, Assets over RMB 100 million, A strong team of more than 160 employees, including 8 Chinese and foreign experts, nearly 20 senior engineers and middle and senior technicians, The company has formed a scientific management mode, strong manufacturing strength, perfect sales service system and unique corporate culture. We are committed to building the far-infrared carbon crystal electric heater and gas wall mounted furnace of debeid products into a world famous brand. Relying on 16 technology R & D centers around the world, the company has made special technical improvements for the use environment and conditions of different countries and regions, which can meet the needs of different products in the global market. The company has a modern industrial plant with an annual production capacity of 100000 sets. The company carries out scientific and standardized management in strict accordance with the requirements of international quality management system ISO9001:2000. Advanced production equipment, testing methods and strict quality management system bring excellent product quality. Professional technology, high-quality service, in the industry to establish a good brand awareness. Our goal is to build home heating carefully, and to provide scientific, reasonable, satisfactory and all-round heating products for home users. Debeid will spare no effort to build the wall hanging furnace industry with high quality and more professional heating technology. In the future development, the company will continue to adhere.New Design Glass Panel Room Heater for sale website: website2:

Face Mask Disposable Surgical factory Avatar
Face Mask Disposable Surgical factory
Created by sin38bm on Mar, 5 2021 with 1 Members

HUBEI DAILY-ONLY NON-WOVEN PRODUCTS CO., LTD. is located in Xiantao city of Hubei Province, which is known as the " capital of Nonwoven products in China". Since establishment of the company. We endeavor in researching, manufacturing, marketing and servicing of nonwoven products. Our main products include face mask, shoe cover, clip cap, bouffant cap, doctor cap, surgical gown, sleeve, apron and so on. They are widely used in the fields of medical health, industrial protection and scientific research. All products are produced under CE, FDA and are well sold in Southeast Asia, Mideast, America, Europe. We will continue working hard to provide you the best products and service, to make our supply more convenient, quicker, continuous and stable. We hope to establish long term cooperation with you and achieve our mutual benefit in the future!Face Mask Disposable Surgical factory website:

stainless steel diamond earrings manufacturers Avatar
stainless steel diamond earrings manufacturers
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Our Company Established in 2014, Chengfen Jewelry prides itself with over 6 years of experience in the design, production as well as quality management of stainless-steel jewelry. Situated at the center of Guangdong鈥檚 manufacturing hub, Dongguan, Chengfen Jewelry is blessed with a strategic location as well as optimal operation and production environment. Staying true to our beliefs, we have upheld our principles of staying grounded, serving customers from the heart, and making sure customers are getting what they have paid for. With a robust team of bilingual sales executives, Chengfen Jewelry has always been at the forefront in terms of prompt. Communication and feedback with customers. The sales team is also supported by a versatile engineering and production department, making sure that all technical aspects of an inquiry can be resolved in the shortest amount of time. Chengfen Jewelry鈥檚 customized design team is headed by the founder himself, Mr. Luo, who has over 15 years of experience in the industry. We are humbled by the trust given by our customers, and pay attention to every detail of the design, from concept,to design, to production, to quality assurance. Adapting to over 6 years of changes within the stainless steel jewelry industry and consumer buying trends, Chengfen Jewelry is confident that as long as we stay true to our beliefs, business can only further grow, with more customers being reached and served, and many great designs being produced. Why Chengfen Jewelry? PRICE Our manufacturing supply chain is matured and established for us to source for raw materials of good quality while maintaining control on prices. QUALITY The vision is to provide quality jewelry that is at the forefront of modern fashion. Premium raw materials are used, making sure that your jewelry will not crack, tarnish, rust or corrode. TEAM Our overseas sales department setup consists of highly qualified sales consultants with strong linguistic background as well as technical knowledge to cater to the most demanding tasks. STRENGTH With an overseas sales department, 50 skilled technicians, 100 factory workers and a solid design team, we can keep up with the latest fashion trend and create 200 styles monthly. CUSTOMIZATION We provide OEM service for customers who wish to produce jewelry of their own design. Our History Located in the heart of Guangdong鈥檚 manufacturing hub, we are an established manufacturer of stainless steel jewelry. Since 2008, we have been servicing customers from around the globe with our in-depth experiences in jewelry design, production, quality management as well as cost management. Our Factory With an overseas sales department, 50 skilled technicians, 100 factory workers and a solid design team, we can keep up with the latest fashion trend and create 200 styles on a monthly basis. Being in the industry for over 12 years and with a factory space covering 4,000 square meters, we provide our customers with competitive pricing, strict quality control and prompt delivery. Our Product We provide OEM service for customers who wish to produce jewelry of their own design. 99% of the production processes are done internally within our own workshops (die-cutting, polishing, plating, etc.) thus allowing our customers to leverage on our exceptional skills, lead time and inventory. Product Application Serving businesses and customers worldwide with quality and long lasting stainless steel jewelry for daily use as well as special occasions. Our Certificate Certified by world renowned certification organization SGS Group and an active partner of Alibaba鈥檚 Verified Supplier Production Equipment CNC Machine, Lathe, Auto Polishing Machine, Grinding Machine, Laser Marking Machine, Laser Welding Machine, Spot Welding Machine, Punching Machine, Caliper, Electronic Scale Production Market North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Ocenia, Middle East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe, Central America, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, South Asia, Domestic Market Our Service Our overseas sales department setup consists of highly qualified sales consultants with strong linguistic background as well as technical knowledge to cater to the most demanding tasks.stainless steel diamond earrings manufacturers website:

low price Blister Box Avatar
low price Blister Box
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Product name: Printed Blister Box Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Industrial Use: Electronic Use: Phone accessories packaging Material Structure: Clear plastic Printing Handling: Embossing, Glossy Lamination, Matt Lamination, stamping, UV Coating, Varnishing Custom Order: Accept Feature: Recyclable Plastic Type: PVC Material: 0.30mm - 0.40mm PVC/PET Size: Customized Shape: Rectangular Printing: Customized Q1. What is your product range? 鈥?We are professional cloth bags and box packaging products provider, especially in gift field, we can provide you kind of drawstring bags,cloth Jewelry bags,cloth sporting bags,and Customized bags.We also provied chocolate boxes, foldable boxes, cosmetic boxes, custom shape boxse, paper bags, other related packaging products and packaging auxiliary products. 鈥?We provide one-stop cloth and paper packaging service, and accept custom design as your requirement. Q2. What is the price? 鈥?The price is decided by quantity, material, finishing methods, size and other factors. Besides, due to our constantly technology innovation, some of our products have a very competitive price, contact us to鈥俴now more about us鈥俰f you will. Q3. Can you provide samples & what's sample delivery time? 鈥?Certainly, normally we will provide free samples and you just need to undertake the freight cost. For custom printing sample, there will be sample fee needed. 鈥?The sample produce will take about 7 days.low price Blister Box website:

Drainage Avatar
Created by sin38bm on Mar, 5 2021 with 1 Members

Light, Medium, Heavy Duty Manhole Cover and Frame Material: Ductile Cast Iron Features: Conform to EN124 Double Seal Closed Key Holes Options: Can Be Assembled GRP Sealing Plate Dimensions in mm CodeEN124 LoadingOverClear OpeningFrame DepthRecessed BaseDepth AFT-3030BR-60 DSB125420X420300X3008060mm AFT-3030CR-60 DSC250420X420300X3008560mm AFT-3030DR-60 DSD400420X420300X3008560mm AFT-3030BR-60 DS, FRAME DEPTH 100B125435X435300X30010060mm AFT-3030CR-60 DS, FRAME DEPTH 100C250435X435300X30010060mm AFT-3030DR-60 DS, FRAME DEPTH 100D400435X435300X30010060mm AFT-6060BR-60 DSB125740X740600X6008060mm AFT-6060BR-60 DS, Frame Flange 70mm widthB125830X830600X6008060mm AFT-6060CR-60 DSC250750X750600X60010060mm AFT-6060DR-60 DSD400750X750600X60010060mm CodeEN124 LoadingOverClear OpeningFrame DepthRecessed BaseDepth AFT-3030BR-70 DSB125450X450300X30010070mm AFT-3030CR-70 DSC250450X450300X30010070mm AFT-3030DR-70 DSD400450X450300X30010070mm AFT-4545BR-70 DSB125600X600450X45010070mm AFT-4545CR-70 DSC250600X600450X45010070mm AFT-4545DR-70 DSD400600X600450X45010070mm AFT-6060BR-70 DSB125775X775600X60010070mm AFT-6060CR-70 DSC250775X775600X60010070mm AFT-6060DR-70 DSD400775X775600X60010070mm AFT-8080BR-70 DSB125950X950800X80010070mm AFT-8080CR-70 DSC250950X950800X80010070mm AFT-8080DR-70 DSD400950X950800X80010070mm AFT-100100DR-70 DSD4001160X11601000X100011070mm AFT-120100DR-70 DSD4001430x12301200x100011070mm CodeEN124 LoadingOverClear OpeningFrame DepthRecessed BaseDepth AFT-3030DR-100, DSD400470X470300X300140100mm AFT-4545DR-100, DSD400620X620450X450130100mm AFT-6060DR-100, DSD400780X780600X600150100mm AFT-7070DR-100, DSD400880X880700X700150100mm AFT-7575DR-100, DSD400960x960750x750150100mmDrainage website:

Artificial Marble Vanity Top suppliers Avatar
Artificial Marble Vanity Top suppliers
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Popular decorative flooring artificial marble floor tiles Basic Info Model Number:Artificial marble stone tilesBrand Name:Xiamen For U Stone After-sale Service:Onsite Inspection, Quality SolutionProject Solution Capability:graphic design, total solution for projects Warranty:More than 5 yearsPlace of Origin:Fujian, China Design Style:ModernStone Name:Artificial marble tiles Stone Form:Big SlabSurface Finishing:Polished Absorption by weight:0.04%Density:2322kg/m3 Abrasion Resistance:38Usage:Construction Building Modulus Of Rupture:Dry condition:66.3Mpa, Wet condition:83.5MpaFlexural Strength:Dry condition:67.9Mpa, Wet condition:82.4Mpa Compressive Strength:Dry condition:275Mpa, Wet condition:277MpaApplication:Hotel, Villa, Apartment, Office Building, Hospital, Mall, Supermarket HS Code:68101910Transportation:By Ship Products Specification Artificial marble, commonly known as cultured marble, provides the look and feel of real marble without the extra cost and hassle. artificial stone price's made of crushed marble and resin, so it can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use and most cleaning products. To keep your artificial marble looking its best, clean it on a regular basis and restore its shine with a coat of wax or fiberglass polish twice a year or as needed. Artificial marble stone tiles, commonly known as cultured marble, provides the look and feel of real marble without the extra cost and hassle. Product Details Quality Control 1) Polished degree: 85 or up 2) Thickness tolerance: -2/+1mm QC check pieces by pieces strictly before packing 3) Diagonal tolerance: +/-1mm 4) Surface flatness tolerance: +/-0.3mm 5) Adjacent edge verticality tolerance: +/-0.5mm, Precise Cutting by infrared-ray-cut machine Delivery, Shipping And Service 鈼?Packing and Loading about Artificial marble 鈼?Packing: - Soft paper between polished faces - In strong wooden crate - Wooden crate follows customer鈥檚 requirement to be suitable for discharging and storing. - The wooden crate鈥檚 moisture is below 25% and disinfected. FAQ 1.Can you send a sample for reference? It will depend on the products you need. For the small products, such as tiles, pavers and small animal sculptures ect. We are pleased to send samples for your inspection. As for the large stone products, we are sorry for that we connot send samples but trial order is acceapable. The shipping charges for the samples are in the buyer's account. 2.How to solve the quality problems after sales? (1) Send us pictures/video of the issue occured. (2) Claim the insurance by contacting the insurance agent near you. After we comfirm the problems, such as caused by machine, carving, etc. Within three days, we will draw up the satisfied program for you. 3.Do you also make customized design? Yes. we can make different size as per clients鈥?drawings and pictures, we also provide CAD designs on request of customer. 4.How long can my order be finished? It will depend on your order quantity and the complexity of products you purchased. Normally one container order needs 14 - 25 days.Artificial Marble Vanity Top suppliers website:

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Earloop Face Mask
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Introduction PROTECT YOUR HEALTH: Protect yourself and your loved ones with health procedural face mask. Breathe easy with effective protection against pollutants, dust, splashes, sprays and germs. For Children and Adults. EFFECTIVE AND BREATHABLE: Made with a 3 Ply non-woven non-latex fabric for effective airway protection from small particles and droplets. Soft, non-irritating, comfortable and breathable IMPORTANT FOR PREVENT VIRVUS SPREAD: Face masks help limit the spread of germs. When someone talks, coughs or sneezes they may release tiny drops into the air that can infect others. If someone is ill, a face mask can reduce the number of germs that the wearer releases and can protect other people from becoming sick. A face mask also protects the wearer's nose and mouth from splashes or sprays of body fluids. Product Specifications Product nameHealth Procedural Face Masks with Earloops MaterialSBPP nonwoven, Meltblown; nonwoven ColourWhite, blue. Quality StandardGB/T32610-2016 Ply3ply Size17.5 x 9.5cm (or as requested) Package50pcs/box Delivery time3-5 days CertificateCE mark approved ApplicationMedical care, food service and safety protection Bacterial filtration efficiency95-99% FeatureDisposable, convenient, dust-proof, anti-virus KeywordDisposable Face Mask Product Details CE Certificate and Test Report Our Workshop Details Removing the face mask: Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before touching the mask. Avoid touching the front of the mask. The front of the mask is contaminated. Only touch the ear loops/ties/band. Hold both of the ear loops and gently lift and remove the mask. Throw the mask in the trash. Clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer. Product Details represent masks sold by Blue Planet Surf ONLY. To ensure the quality of the products match description select only masks offered by Blue Planet SurfEarloop Face Mask website:

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Wholesale Seat Belt Comforter
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Sanmen Zhengyi Craftwork Co. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers in auto accessories and an expert in export trading. We have been in the auto aftermarket since 2005 and worked with a variety of clients from North America, Europe, South America, Australia, etc. We specialize in producing seat covers, pet covers, seat cushions, steering wheel covers, car floor carpet mats, PVC mats and sunshades. We鈥檝e made both universal fit and custom designs available to meet every customer鈥檚 needs. Our mission is to produce premium quality products at competitive prices. We are sincerely looking to build long-term business relationship with customers worldwide.Wholesale Seat Belt Comforter website: website2:

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Steel Sheet Made in China
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stainless steel corrugated plate material 201銆?04銆?16L銆?21 202 303 305 321 304L Production process Steel plate production is based on flat steel billet as raw material, flat steel billet after heating to 1200掳C, and then after rolling, cooling, leveling to shear (flame) cut into the finished product. Descriptionripple stainless steel embossed board in the decoration industry has been popular for a long time, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high density, polishing no bubbles, no pinhole.The bright silvery water ripple smallpox of large area, make whole space appears bright and clean, reflect a depth to change below the light, deepened dimensional administrative levels to feel FAQQ1: Are you trading company or manufacturer ? A1: our company also is a very professional company for steel,products. we can also provide a wide range of steel products. We promise that we are exactly the supplier you have been looking for. Q2 Why should I chose you? A2: Chose happens because of quality, then price, We can give you both. Additionally, we can also offer professional products inquiry, smooth goods delivery, excellent customer solution proposals Q3: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ? A3: The sample could can provide for customer with free,but the courier freight will be covered by customer account. Q4:How do you ensure my goods? A4:First our clients can visit factory to see the raw material, production lines, warehouse, transportation and inspection workshop. And you can ask for free sample, we can also process goods as your special requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Q5: How can I get your quotation as soon as possible? A5: The email and fax will be checked within 24 hours, meanwhile, the Skype, Wechat and WhatsApp will be online in 24 hours. Please send us your requirement and order information. Q6:How is the goods packaged? A6:The steel coil is packaged with waterproof paper, protective wood black, metal band strapping, inner protective steel ring, outer protective steel ring. Then the coils will be reinforced with wood support in containers, steel lashing belts also used for stable and safe. Packaging & Delivery Packing: Packing with Plastic film first ,then use Galvanized steel for outer package , fix with wooden frame before sending into the container or shipping by bulk ship Port: Tianjin,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Qingdao,etc Lead time: customersSo far we have our customers spread in America,Europe, Middle east etc... certificate ASTM A276, A484, A479, A580, A582, JIS G4303, JIS G4311,DIN 1654-5, DIN 17440,GB/T 1220Steel Sheet Made in China website:

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Compression Therapy suppliers
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Our History Ningbo Yinzhou Hongyang Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd is found in 2008. Our Factory Ningbo Yinzhou Hongyang Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in the evaporator, condenser, it has a history of 10 years.At present, has become the focus of the domestic and foreign companies supporting units.Products are exported to the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico and other countries. Our Product Refrigerator evaporator, Refrigerator condenser, Solar panel, Aluminum Radiator, Micro panel Product Application Refrigerator wine cabinet Display Cabinet Medicine cooler box / air conditioner / refrigerating unit / LED light / electronic component / car Our Certificate ISO9001Compression Therapy suppliers website: